Welcome to the Kapy Snug!


WHY Kapy Snug day care?

  • Warm, loving and friendly atmosphere.
  • Trained, experienced, caring kindergarten teachers, who provide high quality private kindergartens
  • Development programs, games (age-group differentiation, prevention of dyslexia, part skill development, fine motor movements with the development of creative arts and crafts bound together, play seamlessly-integrated learning)
  • Pre-school sessions
  • Several hours of outdoor play yard
  • Bilingual Day Care Center (English - Hungarian): that children not only your 4-5 hours of English occupation involved in a private kindergarten in certain programs of the framework, but a Hungarian, an English native-speaking kindergarten teacher who is day communicate all day in English, play and talk to your child so as soon as possible to acquire the foreign language.
  • Small groups of day care into groups 5-7 start.
  • Healthy foods, lots of fruit and vegetables (a variety of food for allergic children , up to date food)


WHY Day Care Center?

The state children's institutions, unfortunately, most overcrowded in the district of Budapest, so as a result, a lot of record application to be denied for lack of space.

The lack of institutional capacity can substitute for the day care center or private kindergarten. The Kapy Kucko day care (private nursery), for example a very young age from 7 years of age children are receiving. This means that nurseries,kindergartens, private kindergartens roles. A group  day care for very low-Kapy Kucko operates with a staff of seven. As a result, insufficient attention to children, care to play.

Qualified by our teachers - children's inpidual needs, taking into account the agenda,the joy of playing together, the serene atmosphere as a result of private kindergartens and Day Care Center is very popular with parents and children. It is also important to note that most private kindergartens Kapy prices by the day care center is also much lower prices, but the teachers private bilingual kindergarten standards provide for your child.


Why the bilingual day care center is better?

As you experience each day in the labor market also got a major role in the knowledge of foreign languages and possibly use on a daily basis. This is true for high school students entrance examination too, as the extra points secondary school to college to be seated. Think that if your child is in early childhood skill level learn a foreign language how much  is almost impossible to catch up by others, it benefits for their lifetime. This is not only is that your child will know the basic English words and  will understand each other with the teacher, but the long term, this means that high words and grammatical elements, without fear and inhibitions will be able to speak English fluently with others. If you have not attended such institutions as children and  turn back the time, we are sure that you also can choose for yourself  bilingual private nursery or day care service!